NDT Training

NDE Solutions recognizes that your business cannot be on hold while your inspectors receive required training and certifications. 

Our classes can be scheduled to be flexible to the needs of your business, so that your customers are serviced without interruption, and your compliance needs are met at the same time!

Whether your application is Aerospace, Industrial or Automotive, NDE Solutions can tailor a course to meet your specific needs.

  • NAS 410 (Aerospace Industry)
  • ATA 105 (Airline Industry)
  • SNT-TC-1A (Industrial and Automotive Industry)

All of our training classes are carefully structured to satisfy the requirements of the standards listed above.  Each class includes a comprehensive textbook, intensive interactive lecture sessions, and hands on, practical inspection time in a working lab environment.

Liquid Penetrant Level 1 and 2
Magnetic Particle Level 1 and 2
Ultrasonic Level 1 and 2
Eddy Current Level 1 and 2
Radiographic Level 1 and 2
Digital Radiographic
Visual Weld Inspection