Our Team Encompasses Over 150 Years of Experience

Meet the Team

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  • George Hopman President

    ASNT Level III #15776 in PT, MT, UT, RT, ET, VT, ML (View Here)

    34 Years of NDT Experience

    Chairman of the ASTM E07.03 Subcommittee on Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection

    Boeing Approved Consultant in PT, MT, UT, RT, ET  (View Here)

    ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (View Here)

    ASQ Certified Quality Engineer (View Here)

    Honeywell Liquid Penetrant SCA
    (View Here)

    Honeywell Magnetic Particle SCA
    (View Here)

    UTC Digital Radiographic Level 3

    Rolls Royce Eddy Current Level 3

    George Hopman Resume (View Here)

    ASNT Fellow 2011

    ASNT Mentoring Award 2014

    Cell: 480-225-0775


  • Jerry Stutzman
    Jerry Stutzman Team Member

    NAS 410 Level 3 in PT and MT

    32 Years NDT Experience

    Southeast Community College AAS Degree in Nondestructive Testing, March 1984

    Rolls Royce Approved Liquid Penetrant Level 3

    Honeywell Approved SCA in Liquid Penetrant

    Email: jerry@ndesolutions.net
    Cell: 623-986-9416

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson Team Member

    NAS 410 Level 3 in PT and RT

    35 Years NDT Experience including 26 years at Honeywell Engines and Systems

    US Navy NDT School

    Former AWS Certified Weld Inspector

    Email: carl@ndesolutions.net

    Cell: 602-616-9140

  • Mike King
    Mike King Team Member

    NAS 410 Level 3 in UT and ET

    50 Years of NDT Experience

    BS Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, August 1966


  • Cindi Hopman
    Cindi Hopman Vice President / Administrative Assistant

    Cell: 602-620-8702